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Duraclean International Names Duraclean Of Avon, Ohio "Franchise Of The Month"

June 2010 - Avon, Ohio

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Todd and Nadine Wearsch bought their long established Duraclean franchise "Duraclean Restoration & Cleaning Services" from Todd and Lynn Hagerty in July, 2001. Since that time they are eight time "President Circle Award" winners for exceeding their annual sales quota as established by Duraclean International, Inc., the International Franchise Association (IFA) "Distinguished Service Award" for excellence in the franchise service industry and, finally, the "Presidential Award" for continuous, outstanding support of the Duraclean franchise system beyond expectations.

Todd has taken a somewhat different road to ownership in his present business.

Todd said, "Previously, I pursued a career in horticulture. I worked in the green industry growing up as a young kid and worked in the garden center business throughout high school and college. I managed a garden center for 3 years after college - my intension was to always have my own Garden center of my own." Todd received an associate's degree in applied science from Ohio State University.

What prompted Todd to purchase his business: "After an abrupt career change and after working with Todd & Lynn Hagerty for almost 10 years, not only did I find something else that I enjoyed doing to earn a living, but it turned out that I was pretty good at it also... This July I will have owned my Franchise for 9 years and I am approaching 20 years in the business."

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Todd and Nadine completed their new facility in July 2009. He says, "Including the 2nd floor load-bearing storage we have nearly 13,000 sq. ft. (3000 sq. ft. of office, 3000 sq. ft. of storage and 7000 sq. ft. of production area)."

Personnel-wise they have 8-10 men in production including managers and lead technicians, 1 full-time office administrator and 1 mostly full-time marketing person.

They have 185 air movers, 50 dehumidifiers, 6 full size Ford service vans and 3 extended size Ford service vans.

Last fall Todd had an Open House for the new facility. Over 175 attended including friends, industrial park neighbors, business associates, insurance agents and adjustors. Since then he has held two more open houses for area Chambers of Commerce. Todd feels that the advantage of the agents and adjustors visiting his facility was that it upped the credibility factor with them. It made it appear that he was a "major player" in the restoration field.

In his almost 10 years as a business owner Todd says that, "The most memorable completed project was our new facility. Unlike other projects at customer's homes or their business, we most likely will never see them and/or our work again after we are done. Our office was finished with the intention to showcase our talents and craftsmanship when it comes to restoring and/or renovating a home or office from start to finish. All facets of the interior construction were performed by our in-house staff..."

As Todd looks toward the future he feels that, "My greatest challenge has been and continues to be cultivating, teaching, managing and motivating quality employees."