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Duraclean can have your carpets looking like new in no time!

The carpeting in your home or business is an investment that can last with
proper cleaning and care. Over time, soil and other environmental pollutants
can shorten a carpet's lifespan.
For example, dust and dirt can form into hard particles that, if left in carpeting,
can act like sandpaper and wear down carpet pile.

Our Patented Duraclean® Foam Absorption Process works to lift out soil and
stains versus ordinary carpet cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning, that
tend to drive dirt deeper into carpets and upholstery. The Duraclean system

  • Fast drying and thorough results
  • Environmentally safe cleaning solutions
  • Duraclean also offers Allergy Relief Treatment™ to help reduce allergic reactions from pets, pollen and dust.

Don't let everyday wear and tear destroy your investment, call Duraclean
today to learn more about our carpet cleaning and maintenance options.


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